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Know The Difference: Tight vs. Toned Muscles

Do you know the difference?

There is a common misconception in our practice that these equal the same thing. We are going to break the the differences below!

- Both terms are used to describe the integrity of the muscle. You can be really tight without necessarily being toned, and vice versa.

- "Toned" refers to definition: is the muscle easily visible? Is it easily palpable? Does it activate easily? If the answers are yes, then that muscles is likely toned.

- "Tight" refers to texture: is it hard? Are there many adhesions? Is there poor circulation? Is there decreased flexibility and range of motion? Is there pain and discomfort?

- A toned muscle can have great integrity, meaning it is hydrated, easily malleable and flexible.

- A toned muscle can be tight, meaning it has poor circulation, adhesions and causes pain.

- Tight muscles can be uncomfortable, have reduced circulation and blood flow, even if they are not visibly toned.

- People who do not have defined muscles can still be tight, and still experience poor muscular circulation and discomfort. The size of a person and the muscle definition does not affect the integrity of the muscles.

- What really affects muscular health is hydration levels, strength and flexibility.

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