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Pregnant belly

Doula Services

Imagine 3 things:

1) You are pregnant- someone comes by to rub your feet for you when you've been standing all day, gently massage your hips and legs when you've been having sciatic pain, listen while you talk through the emotional days, help you pack a birth bag & get supplies, help you create a birth plan (preference list) so you can feel empowered in the coming weeks


2) You are in labour - someone you trust and have a close relationship with is next to you, holding a cool cloth to your head, giving you sips of water or Popsicles, rubbing your back, guiding you through positions that help manage pain, encouraging and empowering you, advocating for you, protecting you during this crucial moment when you may not be able to do so for yourself


3) You are home with a brand new baby - someone comes and helps with newborn baths, helps care for siblings, helps with housekeeping and meal preparation, makes you some PAD-sicles, cares for baby while you shower and/or sleep, even stays the night if you need them.


Enter: Me, your full circle Doula


I'm here to support you during pregnancy, labour and postpartum. I promise to stand by you from beginning to end and to be someone you can lean on for support physically, emotionally & spiritually.

When everyone is focused on baby, I'm focused on you. I got your back & your belly!

Private Birth Doula  services are offered for people seeking holistic, caring support during the most delicate time of their lives. My focus is to help nurture the pregnant person and assist the family and birth partner during the last few weeks of pregnancy and the first few weeks postpartum. Birth doulas are an amazing resource for expecting moms and families, and can be a huge help during the labour and birthing process. I am here to educate and advocate for you, as well as to provide emotional, spiritual and physical care during this very delicate, yet powerful, time.

If this sounds like something you or someone you love could benefit from, let me know. Gift cards also available and coverage to some insurance companies.

Thank you for considering me to be a part of this very precious and intimate part of your life.


As your birth doula, my services include:​​

  • Initial consultation (free)

  • Prenatal, labour, birth and postpartum support (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual)

  • Education, resources and advocacy for you during your prenatal, birth and postpartum period (including but not limited to): what to expect during pregnancy and labour, pain management, options for birth, accompanying you to appointments, advocating to your doctors/ nurses/ midwives, helping you create a birth plan, feeding support, community support and more

  • Weekly visits (minimum 1 hour visit/week)

  • Check-ins as much as needed

  • Personalized resource booklet

  • 24/7 support

  • Comfort

  • Referrals

  • and more

Support Options:​​

$5000 - 12 weeks total (6 weeks prenatal, birth support & 6 postpartum)

$2500 - 6 week prenatal support only

$2500 - 6 week postpartum support only

$1500 - Birth support only

(Customized time frames of shorter & longer support available. Please inquire for details.)

**Note: Some insurance providers and health spending accounts cover doula services. Please check with your provider to confirm or if you need assistance. Volunteer doula connections available for those who experience cost as a barrier. Please contact me directly to book your consultation.

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