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Our Team.

Meet our team here at Sacred Lotus Holistic Wellness. We look forward to assisting you in elevating your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Fantanesh Attomsa Blue Nile Massage


Founder & Registered Massage Therapist

Fantanesh has been practicing Massage therapy for 6 years. She is originally from Ethiopia but grew up here in Halifax, and has a deep love for both places!


Her treatment style is focused on deep healing, where each session, she aims to engage the mind, body & spirit.


Fantanesh is trained in Reiki, hot stones, cupping, hydrotherapy and typically incorporate these practices into each of her sessions. For more about her, you can click here.


She looks forward to treating you soon!

Dr. Omri

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr Omri is a Guru/teacher who’s name means Awakener Of The Soul. In addition to his Western Kinesiology degree, he was initiated in Egypt at 28 years old after years of studying African healing and medicine. He has also spent time in Korea studying Oriental Medicine from High Priests and traditional healers. He has practiced and taught Holistic healing and medicine all over the world for over 20 years. His global awareness of holistic healing has helped him heal himself of a debilitating car accident, cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. Dr. Omri has taught locally at the Canadian College of Acupuncture and  Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has studied with Dr. Llaila Africa, a holistic Doctor in Africa, and believes in a spiritual system, not a medical system, for true healing.


Dr. Omri believes in having your own responsibility to your health through the Naturo (nature) path. He uses Biofeedback devices to support, not take over, our self-healing process and incorporates imperial Oriental medicine, African medicine, acupuncture, kinesiology, and Tribal Chi Gong (as he describes it - a sacred dance to the rhythm of our heart beat). Dr. Omri believes all of the healing arts are one art, yet each art has a purpose (fire, water, air, earth) and incorporates all of his teachings and experiences into his practice when offering treatments, consultations and treatment plans.

Herbs and Minerals

Kelsie Clyke

Registered Acupuncturist

Kelsie, also affectionately known as the "Afro-puncturist" offers a unique wisdom and depth to his practice. As a life-long learner and student of holistic medicine, his approach to treatment always incorporates the whole being and not just the symptoms. He takes his time to assess the mind, body and spirit to uncover the root causes of dis-ease. After graduating in 2020, Kelsie returned to the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to help teach and mentor future students on their path towards holistic medicine education. Prior to graduating, Kelsie spent three years assisting in the Qi Qong class alongside Dr. Omri. He incorporates many of his skills into his treatments, including fire cupping, reiki, tuina, guasha and meridian therapeutic massage. Kelsie is genuinely invested in your long-term wellness and develops individualized treatments to get you on your path to healing effectively and efficiently. His kind and compassionate demeanor, along with his sense of humour, adds a true brightness to our clinic. A treatment with Kelsie is truly a treat! He looks forward to supporting you along your health and wellness journey soon.

Neck Therapy
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