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About Us


Our Vision

Our name is an homage to our homeland, Africa. In ancient Egypt, the blue lotus was revered as a sacred flower and was often depicted in art and literature. The flower was associated with the Gods and was used in religious ceremonies, and is a symbol of spirituality, rebirth and regeneration.


We believe in going back to our roots for optimal wellness, and offer a holistic and ancestral approach to health.


Our vision is to create therapeutic and inclusive spaces within our communities.

Our mission is to enrich the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness of others through holistic therapies and ancestral practices.

When it comes to caring for ourselves, we believe in connecting and learning from the ancient wisdom of our ancestors. Through our holistic approach, we work to address the person as a whole and encourage the body's natural healing ability. Whether you are experiencing pain, curious about holistic health or simply want to improve your wellbeing, Sacred Lotus Holistic Wellness provides a therapeutic and inclusive environment to do so.


About Our Founder

Fantanesh Attomsa | RMT, Certified Doula

With more than 15 years combined in the health and human service fields, I feel grateful that I can merge my passions of wellness and community through my practice. My passion for health and self-care has allowed me to further expand my knowledge in alternative health. My journey as a Registered Massage Therapist began in 2018 when I graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Along with studying anatomy, physiology, pathology, neurology and more, I also participated in various clinics including prenatal, arthritis, sports, immuno-compromised and neurological conditions.


This experience allowed me to dive deeper into my love and understanding of holistic healing. I have taken additional courses in energy work, hot stones, cupping therapy, Indian and Thai style massage, birth support, and business. Through community volunteering, teaching and creating wellness programs, my aim is to make self-care and wellness more accessible by promoting inclusivity, representation and diverse practices.



I have always had a deep connection to ancestral practices for wellness, and wanted to share my love of ancient wisdom through my practice. From studying the ways of living in my homeland Ethiopia, as well as Barbados, and Costa Rica,  I have been able to explore the healing benefits of a holistic approach to health, and continue to study the diverse cultures around the world to understand true wellness on a deeper level.  Connecting to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors has been an incredibly spiritual and cleansing experience along my own wellness journey. I look forward to sharing these ways further with you as I support you on your wellness journey.

In my spare time, I most enjoy exploring the outdoors with my three children and taking advantage of the natural beauty this world has to offer. When I'm not working, you can usually find me at the gym, listening to podcasts, hanging out with my kids or socializing with friends and networks.


Healing and self-care are my daily practice. In each of my sessions, I aim to engage the entire senses in mind, body and spirit. This includes mindful music, healing oils, intentional decor, nurturing scents and delightful refreshments. I believe we need to be well on the inside in order to do well on the outside. Taking time for yourself is crucial when it comes to your health and well-being. By integrating mind, body, and spirit, I strive to promote awareness of the interdependency of all these aspects when it comes to achieving optimal wellness.


I am aware of how constant demands on our bodies can leave us feeling drained, overwhelmed, and out of touch. Quieting our minds, nourishing our bodies, and pouring into our souls allows us to reset and face the world with clarity. At Sacred Lotus Holistic Wellness, I use my extensive training, experience, and in-depth understanding of the human body to teach and cultivate awareness of one's own health and wellness journey.


Allow us to be a part of yours.

Fantanesh Attomsa, RMT, Doula, Founder

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