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Workshops & Programs


Customized Workshops

Initial Consultation

Discuss your plans and/or needs. This is a complimentary one-on-one meeting.


Individualized content, experience-based research, ongoing contact and check-ins.


Includes basic supplies, interactive presentation, Q+A period and more!


Continuous access to our team. Ongoing support and resources provided to all participants.

Guest Speaker Rates

Bookings are available for a minimum 1 hour speaking engagement. Rates increase based on additional miscellaneous fees (travel outside of HRM, extra time, curated programs/workshops, supplies, etc.) Additional offerings include:

2-Hour Workshops

Half-Day Workshops

Full-Day Workshop/Conference

Weekend Events


I look forward to creating meaningful experiences with you. If you would like to work together, please contact me directly to discuss rates, details and how I can best support you/your organization.

Workshops & Programs

By Fantanesh Attomsa, Founder

Personal development workshops are an extremely valuable tool for companies, schools, organizations etc. They allow for personal growth and increased productivity through learning how to manage stress, deal with conflict and create a happier, healthier work environment.


Through years of research, knowledge, and practice, I have developed various educational tools that cover topics such as self-care, stress management, work-life management, holistic (mind/body/spirit) health, massage tips, setting boundaries, energy protection and more.


My purpose and passion is to make self-care accessible. Through developing workshops, programs, and community engagement, my goal is to make quality holistic health education easily available so that we can all feel empowered to live happier, healthier lives.

Mental Health & Wellness for Busy Entrepreneurs 












Are you an Entrepreneur?


Entrepreneurs are known to be highly driven and resilient, and contribute immensely to the health of their communities and economies. However, when it comes to their own health, recent studies have shown that entrepreneurs often put their own self care needs at the bottom of their priority list. 

A recent study from BDC  highlighted the many stressors that entrepreneurship can have have on a person, including managing cash flow, operations, staff, effects of COVID-19, impact on families, managing debt and so much more.  A further study from Start Up Grind revealed that 72% of entrepreneurs have mental health issues and are less likely to seek help. 

Many workshops and courses are offered to entrepreneurs to teach them how to learn a certain software, manage teams of people, become more efficient, learn a new skill, or develop in other ways professionally. However, through my practice, I have always felt there was lack of education surrounding the importance of prioritizing our health within our uniquely hectic and exciting lifestyle. 

Traditional self care practices are not realistic for entrepreneurs, given that they lead very unconventional lifestyles. Entrepreneurs need to be educated on the importance of regular self care that is realistic, practical, and can be easily incorporated into their already busy lifestyles. Entrepreneurs need accessible self-care practices that cost little to no time or money for longevity and success.

  • Are looking for ways to stay grounded while managing the demand of your hectic lifestyle?

  • Would you be interested in connecting weekly with like-minded entrepreneurs?

  • Are you interested in learning strategies to stay productive, reduce burnout and get access to resources?

  • Would you like to develop sustainable practices to support your mental health and wellness that fit into your schedule?

If this resonates with you, I invite you to join our 8 week workshop: Mental Health & Wellness for Busy Entrepreneurs, happening September 6th to October 25th, 2023. All stages of Entrepreneurs welcome!

We know you are busy. All you need is 60 minutes, one day a week to elevate yourself personally and thrive as an Entrepreneur.

















Past Workshops & programs

Burnout & Mental Health For Black Entrepreneurs

TRIBE Network March - June 2023

Self Care For Black Women Entrepreneurs

Black Women In Excellence March 2023


Healthy & Wealthy: Community Wellness Program

Spring 2023, ongoing

Ancestral Wellness

An Afrocentric Approach to Health & Wellness

Community Program Upcoming 2023

Self Care And Energy Protection

Dalhousie's Human Rights and Equity Services Department​



Self Care At Work

Nova Scotia Career Development Association

& Flo Meditation & Wellness 2022 - 2023

Self Care In Relationships

How To Balance Self-Care With Selflessness

Pandemic 2021

Community Self Care

How To Care For Ourselves Amidst Collective Trauma

Specific to Black people dealing with re-traumatizing images on social media

Pandemic 2021

Cupping Therapy & Salt Stone Therapy

Community Course Ongoing

Prenatal Massage - Safe Therapeutic Massage Techniques for Mama To Be Community Course Ongoing

For a full list of speaker and workshop experiences, please visit my Community Initiatives page as well as my  Events page.

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