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Rock in Sand

Energy Readings

Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

Do you have questions for the Universe, your Guides or Spirit?

Are you curious about the particular energy surrounding a person, place or thing?

Energy readings are a great source to help ground us and clarity for our most pressing thoughts and questions. Having spiritual guidance during transformational periods of our lives helps to bring us a great sense of comfort while reminding us that we are always protected along our journey.

During our readings, I take time to prepare and focus energy on you and the questions you are presenting. This includes a brief consultation, as well as intentional practices that help to open our minds, hands and hearts prior to each reading. 

(For more information on what this looks like, I invite you to check my Instagram page for the Energy Reading videos.)

I am available to serve and support you in receiving messages through Tarot and Oracle cards. We can work together to explore these energies in-person or virtually.


- $100 for 1 hour

Includes consultation, 1 hour reading, and a recording of our session for your own personal reflection.

- $250 Astrology + Energy Reading

Includes both the 1 hour energy reading plus the 2 hour Astrology birth chart interpretation. This combination helps to give deeper insight and context to patterns, behaviours and cycles in our lives. 

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