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(W)holistic Pregnancy Guide

Soulful, Whole Guidance For Your Prenatal, Birthing And Postpartum Journey

Mama, this guide is for you.


While everyone is focusing on baby (including yourself), this book focuses on you. And I’m going to share with you why that’s important.

During  pregnancy, much emphasis is put on baby’s growth and development, (which is very important) but there is something missing in the maternal care process when it comes to Mama's mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Usually appointments and conversations go like this:

"heartbeat - check"

"blood pressure - check"

"pain - check"

"testing - check"

"ultrasounds - check"

"mama resting - check"

"finances - check"

"baby supplies- check"

"baby growth - check"

"everyone gaining properly - check"



All of these are extremely important, but there is more.


What about Mama's emotions? Her thoughts? Feelings? Her spirit?


This guide provides practical advice for the preparation, prenatal, birthing, and postpartum period, but it also focuses on supporting and nurturing the mother during this divine period in her life. It honors the mother in becoming more aware of the sacredness and intimacy of this bond, and the importance of taking care of herself along the way. 

This empowering guide is specially created for expecting mothers who want to approach their maternal care in a holistic way. It offers practical information on pain management, feeding support, infant & maternal health, nourishment, birth plans, local resources, and intimate, powerful birth stories; as well as support on how to nurture your soul through spiritual guidance, emotional support, divine connection, herbal remedies, ancient practices and love. The information provided in this guide are both medical - sourced from trusted, local, maternity health care providers - and alternative - sourced from trusted, ancient, cultural practices from around the world.

Coming Soon - Summer 2021

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