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Reiki Treatment

Private Sessions

One-On-One Healing

Divinity resides within.

Private sessions provide an intimate setting for individualized and specific guidance. Still using a holistic approach, I offer support for those looking to dive deeper into their healing journey. Healing therapies come from a broad spectrum and can look like many different things. Each person's needs are unique - with this in mind, I cater each experience specifically and personally to you.



My goal through these sessions is to help you connect to the deeper parts of yourself.



I offer guidance through practices that include:

  • Introspective and Insightful conversation - discovering the why's and how's of our patterns & behaviours

  • Energy healing - using reiki and laying of hands to help heal any wounded areas in our aura

  • Energy Re-balancing - using reiki and laying of hands to remove stagnation and restore the flow of life energy

  • Chakra work - focusing on challenging areas and offering practical ways to remove blockages and strengthen 

  • Reiki - the use of hands to identify blockages and stagnation in our energetic and physical body, and actively working to release and heal these areas

  • Personalized daily self-reflections - journaling prompts to help you practice mindfulness of your own thoughts and feelings

  • Teaching new practices - helping to develop new strategies and schedules to help you flourish in day to day life

  • Step-by-step healing strategies - this may include meditation, examing our diet, examining physical needs, referrals to therapy & other practitioners as needed

  • One on One meditation- helping you connect to your breath and life energy.



*Please note - your healing is my number one priority. I am well versed in alternative healing options and well connected to local healers in our community. If you need deeper guidance beyond my scope, I offer referrals to other local healers to get you the best possible outcome - free of charge.*



  • Intitial consulation (15 minutes) - FREE. Here we discuss your needs and ways I can best support you.

  • Subsequent sessions (1 hour) - $100. 

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