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What Is Hydrotherapy, And What Are The Benefits?

Hydrotherapy is the use of water for therapeutic benefits.

At Blue Nile, we absolutely love water and truly believe in the healing effects of it both physically and spiritually. In this post, we will share different ways that we can use water as part of our wellness journey.

The benefits of heat therapy are obvious - not only does it soothe muscles after a deep treatment but it also helps muscles stay relaxed and helps to increases circulation. Not to mention, it’s very cozy and comforting, therefore it’s used a lot more often. If you feel tight and sore from chronically stiff muscles, heat is a great way to encourage them to relax. You can use a hot towel, thermophore, hot tub, sauna, heating pad or even a hot shower.

Cold is not everyone's favourite, however it does have amazing therapeutic benefits. From pain relief, rejuvenating the skin, awakening the mind and body, locking in nutrients and even skin firming - we really can't deny how helpful it really is! For a new injury, cold is often recommended to help with immediate pain and to decrease any inflammation. It is also really helpful when experiencing tiredness and lethargy. You can use an ice pack, ice bath, cold shower, cold towel or even a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a cloth.

Contrasting is also amazingly effective to speed up healing, flush out any stagnant blood and promote new blood and nutrient flow. You can do this by alternating from hot to cold. Make sure to finish with cold to lock in all that healing goodness!

There are lots of things to take into consideration before using hydrotherapy such as pregnancy, blood pressure and certain medications - so be sure to talk to a professional first.

To book your next massage, hydrotherapy or reiki service at Blue Nile Massage & Wellness located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, visit our online booking page here.

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