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The Best Massage For Sore Hands

The #1 Tip for sore, achy hands.

In this day and age, our arms and our hands are our biggest money makers. We text, we type, we write, we cook, we carry our kids, we lift - yet this area of our body seems to be the most neglected. Whether or not we feel it it really takes a toll on our arms.

Some of us may have sore and achy hands, fingers and wrists, or even experience things like arthritis and carpal tunnel.

Stretching our hands and forearms are great for keeping them working optimally, but we have an even SIMPLER self care tip for you.

For super simple maintenance, try a cold water rinse.

Every time you wash your hands, of course use hot, soapy water to get rid of the germs - then finish with cold water.

This tip helps to support the joints by taking away aches, inflammation and pain to keep our hands working pain free for longer.

This tip is super easy, cost effective and can be incorporated into your every day routine.

Try it out and let us know how it goes!

*Note - not intended for those experiencing Raynaud's syndrome.*

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