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Should I Stretch Before Or After Exercise?

This is a very common question in our practice! We will share our favourite time to stretch and why.

Some people swear by their pre-workout stretch, however we ALWAYS recommend an after workout stretch!

Stretching before a workout can sometimes lead to more injury. This is because the muscles are "cold" or not warmed up properly. This can lead to more soreness or over stretching. If you do prefer a pre-workout stretch, always make sure you warm up with at least 5-10 minutes of cardio prior.

Once our muscles are warmed up nicely after a workout, we really see the benefits if stretching. When working out, little tears develop within our muscle fibers that are necessary for building strength and muscle growth. If we don't stretch after a workout, these muscle fiber tears realign and develop into scar tissue, which can lead to pain and trigger points. Stretching after workouts allows these small muscle fiber tears to realign more smoothly and prevent knots and pain.

We prefer our post workout stretches because they are deeper and simply more effective!

When do you like to stretch? We would love to hear your feedback.

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