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Self Care and Social Media

It's called a "Feed " for a reason.

Social media feeds are all about what we are consuming mentally and spiritually on a daily basis. What we consume becomes our reality and how we see the world.

What are you consuming?

Are you consuming things that make us feel depressed, anxious and insecure?

Or are you consuming things that make us feel positive, energized and empowered?

Do you see representation on your feed? Of people who look like you and sound like you? Of people in your community accomplishing great things?

Do you have people on your feed who support you, your work and your journey?

If not, we encourage you to reevaluate your feed. If you see that triggers you, upsets you or takes you out of your power, remove it.

We encourage you to follow and consume things that nourish your mental, emotional and spiritual health!

Always be mindful of how you are feeling when scrolling on your social media feeds. If it's triggering, let it go. If it's nourishing, bring more of it into your life.

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