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How To Live More Abundantly

Abundance mindset is a hot topic these days, and we have really been tapped in! We have adopted the soft life and have decided we want to experience and receive everything life has to offer us. These are the 3 things that have helped us shift our minds and our lives to a more abundant point of view.

1. Honour your appointments with yourself. Living life more Abundantly starts with pouring back into ourselves. We realized we would make time to honour appointments with doctors, mechanics, family members, etc. - so why not show the same time commitment to ourselves? Blocking out our schedules on a regular basis and filling them with self care appointments such as therapy, nature walks, massage, vacations, hair or even pure, uninterrupted rest, has really allowed us to show up to the world more equipped and ready to receive.

2. Take risks. This is really easy to say, but fear and doubt are really strong players in the minds eye! We really believe that to live life more abundantly, we needed to begin betting on ourselves. Failure is always a possibility, but so is success. Failure is actually a necessary part of success! Accepting that failure is a necessary part of the journey has really allowed us to prepare ourselves by analyzing threats and weaknesses when taking a new risk. Through failure, we learn and we grow. We take breaks, analyze, revisit, pause again - but we always keep trying. Each time we fail and try again, we learn something new and approach the situation with more confidence and knowledge, which we would not have gained if we did not fail and learn in the first place. In our 90 Day Abundance Planner, we talk more about active manifesting and the importance of creating a strong team around us to help navigate the bumps along the way. A key to an Abundance mindset is to have an open mind and be willing to expand it - which is impossible to do if we are always staying comfortable.

3. Forgive yourself. We all have a past, and we all make decisions we wish we didn't. Whether it comes to our parenting, a career choice, a relationship choice, a financial investment etc. But like Maya Angelou said, "when you know better, you do better". Sometimes we forget we are having a human experience that is supposed to be full of mistakes. There is absolutely no way that we can ever get it right all the time. If we would like to change something, and perhaps in the moment it seems difficult or impossible, at least having the awareness that change is needed is a sign of growth. As we continue to grow, change and reflect on our lives, we evolve. Allow yourself grace and time to find your way along your journey. And make sure to love yourself each step of the way.

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