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Fix Lower Back Pain Overnight - Literally.

Low Back Pain is like the plague - particularly if you have ever experienced pregnancy or childbirth. Our hips adjust, they come out of alignment, and we experience many structural, postural and spinal changes due to the increased pelvic strain.

Whether or not you have been pregnant, these universal self care tips for low back pain are so easy and effortless they can be done in your sleep (literally!)

While we are sleeping, our favourite way to combat that morning low back pain is through proper pillow placement.

1. Side sleepers: stuff pillows between your legs. This brings our hips into a neutral position which helps take strain off of our hip and low back muscles while we are asleep.

2. Back sleepers: stuff as many pillows as you can under your knees. This offers an easy low back back stretch by opening up the area between our hips and our ribs. This allows us to have a head start on our morning with increased mobility and reduced stiffness.

3. Belly sleepers: stuff as many pillows as you can under your lower abdomen and hips. Like the above tip, this also encourages a light low back stretch by increasing the small space between our hips and ribs, as opposed to having our low back tight and compressed throughout the night.

Did you find these tips helpful? We would love to know!

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