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Why A "Bare Minimum" Season Is OK Right Now.

Hey all, Sorry I've been a little MIA here recently! I am still taking clients so please send me an email or book online if you would like to book an appointment. I've been drifting in an out of "flow" - I  get glimpses of my old self and feel myself getting closer to being back on track, but I'm not rushing.

It's so interesting observing our own cycles and patterns. I find hope in knowing seasons don't last, although lately they have been feeling like they are lasting longer. It's not a bad thing, just an observation. I know deeper changes are taking place, and during this interim I am aligning myself with whatever my future self is calling me to become.

It's harder staying engaged socially when you feel overwhelmed and uninspired. As a business owner, and even more so, working in the wellness industry, we try to maintain this brand of always being fine, calm and "together". However, I am not immune to these low-spirited periods where I have to dig really deep into my toolbox just to show up, whether for myself, work, family, kids, friends, colleagues, community or these damn bills. The demands never end and the expectations are high, especially facing them alone.

Some days it gets to be so much that I have to stop attempting to stay on top of things. It's like chasing a finish line that keeps moving further away. Some days I don't show up at all, things get missed and people get disappointed. Again, not a bad thing or complaint, just an observation. 

The most liberating days are when I just let things fall apart, and let go of the control (or the illusion that I even have it in the first place).

I don't "just" want do what I can, and I don't "just" want to do my best. Sometimes, I actually just want to do the bare minimum. It's an act of self-preservation, so that I can preserve my energy for things that bring me joy, especially when I need it. I encourage you to try this if you can.

If you have it in you to be there for others right now, God bless you and we need you! As for those of us in the "bare minimum" season, please don't ask us for anything right now, haha. If you can relate, this is a safe space where you won't be judged.

In what ways are you doing the bare minimum right now as an act of self-preservation?

Wishing you all a slow and steady summer <3

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