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Black Woman-Owned Wellness Clinic Advocates For Inclusivity and Self-Care

Blue Nile Massage & Wellness is a Black Woman-Owned Business set to open this Summer on Spring Garden Road. Founder Fantanesh Attomsa started her business over four years ago with a vision to create a healing environment for everyone in the community - particularly the black community and women - two sectors that Attomsa believes are often under-represented in the wellness industry.

Founder, Fantanesh Attomsa

“As women, we often feel guilt or shame in taking time to care for ourselves, particularly if we have jobs, children, or other responsibilities.” expressed Fantanesh. “It brings me such fulfillment to witness the ripple effect as the caretakers of our communities and families begin to take care of themselves.”

Through workshops, mentorship and volunteering her time and services to community members and organizations, Attomsa aims to change the narrative around self care. “Diversity is critical in our business and in our industry for so many reasons; without representation, our community is often excluded from the benefits of regular self care and the maintenance of good health.” Expressed Attomsa. Blue Nile Massage & Wellness aims to change this by offering an inclusive environment where all people can be inspired to live a happier, healthier life through preventative, rehabilitative and therapeutic health services.

When asked how the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has affected her business, Fantanesh said that focusing on her online presence, building an authentic brand, and connecting with like-minded individuals both locally and internationally, has allowed her business to grow more than it ever did pre-pandemic. This growth, along with an increase in small business funding for diverse groups, has supported the clinic’s expansion into the downtown core.

Fantanesh expressed sincere gratitude for those that have supported her business thus far - The Halifax Chamber of Commerce, Center For Women in Business and Black Women In Excellence to name a few, have been incredibly supportive leading up to the grand opening of the clinic.

Blue Nile Massage & Wellness is excited to be a part of Halifax’s downtown business community and is set to open July 1st, 2022 at 5640 Spring Garden Road where they will be offering massage therapy, cupping, Himalayan hot stones, Ayurvedic Indian head massage, Thai massage, acupuncture and reiki. Direct billing and online booking is available. For more information or to book an appointment, visit

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Alicia Anita Apesteguy
Alicia Anita Apesteguy
05 de jun. de 2022

Congratulations on all of your hard work and dedication in getting your new clinic opened! Can't wait to see it. Our community is so lucky to have you!

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