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3 Easy Ways To Practice Daily Self Care

Are you finding yourself too busy to schedule in self care? Don't worry, we got you!

With kids, careers, families, school etc - it's not always easy to find time to work out, read a book or even schedule a massage.

These are some simple self care tips that we love to incorporate to show ourselves love and care on a daily basis. They take little to no time, and help to keep us feeling well all day long - even with our busy schedules!

️1. Drink your water. It's hard to know exactly how much we are drinking or to keep up on it. Getting a 1L bottle and setting a goal to fill it up 2 times with water helps us know we are drinking enough throughout our busy days.

️2. Pack snacks to go. We need to make sure we are nourished as we tackle our everyday tasks! Feeling hungry makes us lose mental focus and feel ill. It's important to make sure we are not missing our meals. And if we are busy on the go, grab some fruit, nuts, granola bars etc that are easy to carry in our purse and munch on on the road.

️3. Set a bedtime alarm. this is SO important for setting boundaries, especially when it comes to work. It's so easy to carry our work into bed and continue working our laptops and phones into the night. Set a bedtime and set boundaries around it. Even if you don't sleep, this is a great time to meditate, journal, read a book or practice a bed time routine. Set your phones and laptops away from arms reach - It's important to give our minds a rest from work!

And lastly, make time for self-care appointments such as massage and reiki. To book your next massage appointment at Blue Nile Massage and Wellness, Click Here. We offer holistic massage therapy, reiki, and hydrotherapy in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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