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Entrepreneurs are known to be highly driven and resilient, and contribute immensely to the health of their communities and economies.


However, the effects of burnout and poor mental health are realities we have to face everyday, often alone, as we attempt to grow and sustain businesses in an unpredictable economy.


Many workshops are offered to entrepreneurs to make them productive: manage teams, learn new skills or make more money. However, there is a lack of education around surrounding the importance of prioritizing  mental health within the unique lifestyle of entrepreneurship.


This comprehensive self-guided workshop offers strategies to stay productive and passionate  while developing sustainable self-care practices that can actually fit within our busy lifestyles.


We know you are busy! That's why a self-guided workshop is a great opportunity to go at your own pace and elevate yourself both personally and professionally.

Burnout and Mental Health for Busy Entrepreneurs: A Self-Guided Workshop

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